Privacy policy

Meiji Machine Co., Ltd. regards the protection of personal information to be a legal obligation, as well as an important social obligation. Based on the corporate philosophy of "observing thorough compliance (adherence to laws and regulations)," the company has laid down the following privacy policy to protect personal information, and thorough efforts are being made to notify all executives and employees of its details.

1. The handling and use of personal information
Personal information shall be obtained by fair and appropriate means. Its purpose of use shall be designated whenever possible, and it shall be used only for that purpose.
2. The providing of personal information
The personal information obtained shall not be provided to a third party without the approval of the person from whom it was obtained. However, this shall not apply when the disclosure of personal information is required by law, or it is required for the cooperation of public institutions.
3. The safe management of personal information
The company shall strive to ensure the safe management of personal information by implementing appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, modification, leakage, etc.
4. Disclosure, revision, etc., of personal information
Steps will be taken appropriately and with sincerity in the event of a request from the provider of the personal information to disclose, revise, terminate use of, or delete the personal information, or if the said person complains or requests consultation.
5. Adherence to laws and regulations
The company shall adhere to laws, regulations and guidelines, and fulfill its obligation to society, regarding the protection of personal information.
6. Sustained efforts to make improvements
Sustained efforts shall be made to revise, maintain and bolster the management system and measures to protect personal information.

(Laid down on February 12, 2014)


Please address all inquiries regarding the handling of personal information at our company to:

General Affairs Department, Meiji Machine Co., Ltd.
〒101-0046 2-2-22 Kanda-Tacho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo Metropolis Chiyoda Building
TEL: 03-5295-3511(Weekday8:45~17:30)  FAX 03-5295-3580

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