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2017 Made Yanagihara Seifunki Co., Ltd. a subsidiary through share acquisition
2017 Opened Nagoya branch office
2017 Opened Nagano sales office
2017 Opened Fukuoka sales office
2016 Implemented a third-party allotment of shares to which Nippon Conveyor Co.,ltd. is assigned
2014 Opened Koshigaya sales office
2014 Merger of subsidiary Tokyo Seifunki Mfg., Co., Ltd.
2014 Opened Kashima sales office
2014 Signed a capital and business alliance agreement with TCS HOLDINGS CO.,LTD.
2008 Made Tokyo Seifunki Mfg., Co., Ltd. a subsidiary through share acquisition
2005 Established Chinese subsidiary MEIJI MACHINE (DE ZHOU) CO., LTD.
2001 Opened Kagoshima sales office
1996 Relocated headquarters to current location (Own company building)
1991 Opened Hachinohe sales office
1980 Opened Osaka sales office
1961 Developed double centrifugal casting chill roll
1960 Relocated headquarters to 2-3-13 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Started full-scale production of formula feed plant
1957 First domestic production of pneumatic method milling plant
1949 Stock from the company listed at reopening of Tokyo Stock Exchange
1948 Changed company name to Meiji Machine Co., Ltd.
1943 Changed company name to "Yamakoshi Kikai Co., Ltd."
Started operations at Ashikaga Factory
1938 Obtained capital and management participation from Meiji Sugar Co., Ltd.
1925 Reorganized as Kabushiki Gaisha Yamakoshi Kojo
1905 Produced and installed the first Japanese made roll type milling plant
1899 Yamakoshi Kojo founded in 3-8 Honshiba, Tokyo City as private enterprise of Hidetaro Yamakoshi
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