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We have grown into one of the biggest companies in Japan manufacturing equipment centered on machines for milling grains (rice, wheat, soy beans, corn, sorghum, etc.), as well as manufacturing and constructing equipment and plants in related fields.

However, our customers involved in the mixed feed industry have faced difficult business conditions, forcing them to restructure.

It is under these difficult conditions that our company plans to build on the following three pillars of business.

First is our existing business in industrial machinery. By making use of our expertise in milling, we are trying to innovate our technologies by expanding our business into new fields.

Second is the business in solar power generation. Ever since the passing of the bill on the purchasing of renewable energy in August 2011, attention has focused on energy generation, and we began selling solar power generation. In recent years, we have also begun acting as agents for GAINA, a heat-insulating paint, and LED lights as part of our initiative in the "ZEH (Zero Energy House)" environment business. With the aim of reducing energy consumption and generating electricity, we plan to develop products in environment-related fields that will contribute to the global environment, household economy, and greater safety and security in people's homes.

Third is our business in mechanical parking garage. Of all the machines invented by man, cars are one of the greatest products that have enriched and offered greater comfort in people's lives. However, it is also a fact that the huge number of people seeking greater convenience has resulted in a chronic shortage of parking spaces especially in cities, becoming a problem in a motorized society that is supposed to be convenient.
Our company will make effective use of the limited space and land available to ensure greater convenience for more people in a motorized society, through the development of mechanical parking garage.

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