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Material processing

Our products are used in the processing of raw ingredients for various foods,including from wheat and rice up to soy sauce and beer.
Products from our milling and industry business are active in many flour milling companies and also in a wide variety of other food industry manufacturing departments.
In addition to those in the milling sector for wheat,buckwheat, rice and others, there are also many raw material processing machines from Meiji Machine being used in specialized sectors such as the soy sauce and beer industries.

History of over 110 years

Grinding and classification technologies that have continued to advance over the 110 years make it possible for us to propose value with both reliability and innovation.
We have been being particular about the processing of food materials for over 110 years. The grinding and classification technologies of Meiji Machine have been continuously evolving over this long period and can respond to the needs of foodstuff manufacturing processes with reliable precision. Furthermore, each type of device and machine shows unshakable performance in durability and stability and these products continue to be highly reliable and bring new value and innovation to the customer to respond to the requirements of the times.

Sanitary property

We prioritize the cleanliness demanded for food and pursue the development of safe and hygienic products.
The sites of food production demand cleanliness performance. The same demands for cleanliness are also placed on food processing devices and systems. At Meiji Machine, priority is placed on measures to clear safety and hygiene requirements at all processes from the development and manufacturing of products to their completion. Furthermore, we strictly enforce the maintenance of machines and constantly aim to maintain the condition of machinery in operation.
We can support various sectors and applications by utilizing the expertise we have built up in the milling and industrial fields over many years.
We use the experience and expertise in material processing we have built up so far in the grinding and industrial sector to support various sectors and applications, including in the chemical and biotechnology fields in addition to the food industry.
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