Quality Control

We provide safe and outstanding products and services based on the needs of customers through preparation of the foundations for tests and reliable testing technologies.

Measures to ensure quality

To provide safe and outstanding products and services based on the opinions of customers, Meiji Machine acquired ISO 9001 certification, an international standard for quality management, in 2002. An operational manual was prepared, an internal auditing system was established, and sustained steady improvement activities have also been implemented. A unique quality management system, "MQS," satisfying ISO 9001 standards was established this year, and efforts are being made to ensure the maintenance and improvement of a reliable system to boost the company's social trust and customer satisfaction.

Testing initiatives

Receiving inspection We carry out inspections on everything received from outside the company, from single bolts incorporated into our products to all other parts. Process inspection Product performance is ensured by carrying out specific parts inspections during production with the aim of ensuring the quality of parts that may or may not be visible upon completion of the product. Products inspection By carrying out thorough inspections of products upon their completion, including verification of the ordered specifications, confirmation of the product configuration, and trial operation, we will strive to ensure the providing of safe, reliable products to our customers. Handling complaints If information is obtained on complaints regarding our products and services, or accidents and safety issues, we will immediately check the facts, implement appropriate measures to prevent a recurrence, and make an effort to restore and maintain customer trust.
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