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Quality, cost and delivery dates. For all of these, we propose the optimal value to customers.
Meiji Machine is thoroughly particular about quality, costs and delivery dates, which are the basics of manufacturing. Our mission is to provide products and services that please the customer. As measures to achieve this, we continue to perform smooth project uality and budget management and also process management, whilst at the same time searching for the best value for the customer and incorporating it into quality maintenance, cost management and the reduction of delivery times.


Realizing the functions required with the optimum costs. The value engineering approach.
It is the Value Engineering that Meiji Machine excels in that enables us to consider which functions the customer needs and produce the optimum specification to match the customer requirements. Our engineers who are familiar with material technologies and processing technologies can ascertain the true nature of the requirements to realize the customization of products and systems with high quality and cost performance that the customers will be satisfied with.


A plentiful range of products to respond to the wide variety of customer requirements.
We have prepared a large line-up of products for the sectors of milling and industry and livestock feed and we give the customers an advantage with the selection of different machinery, equipment and facilities systems for each individual customer. The various foodstuff processing products of Meiji Machine include grain shape sorting and gravity separation, grinders, sifters, selecting machines, mixers and others and this line-up has the flexibility and the solutions that can realize the specifications of the customers.


We have created a database of customer specifications over many years. That long tradition is the proof of the reliability of Meiji Machine.
There is one measure that Meiji Machine has continued without interruption since its foundation. That measure is to create a database of all the past results and specifications of what we have delivered to customers, from the past up to the present day. By continuing to build up technology and trust, we have passed on live product information between the generations. Meiji Machine realizes constantly steady component supplies and technology to be able to offer products that you can feel reassured about using over the long term.

Ashikaga Factory

The collection of all the production functions of Meiji Machine – the Ashikaga Factory continues to respond to sophisticated requirements.
The Ashikaga Factory is where all the production functions of Meiji Machine are concentrated. The core sections of Meiji Machine are located in the factory and there is active passing on of technologies and sharing of information. We have prepared a system that can respond to the sophisticated requirements of the customers with cooperation and friendly competition between the departments.

Test Center within Ashikaga Factory

This Test Center was created from our response to orders. It supports customers with tests based on actual machines and proposals for new applications.
We opened a Test Center within our Ashikaga Factory to be a support facility to realize the design specifications to fit the customer requirements. We use actual machines to investigate matters such as the physical properties of the raw materials the customer will handle, the degree of grinding and the appropriate judgment of the materials and we respond to customer requests for customized tests.
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