Overview of feed plant

1. Receiving and storage

Raw material from the (1) Silo or dump truck, received through the (2) Raw materials receiver, has large pieces of contaminants removed from it by the (3) Separator, and it is stored in the (4) Raw materials silo.

2. Milling and classification

The raw material in the (4) Raw materials silo is moved to the (5) Raw materials tank, after which it is ground by the (6) Miller, classified by the (7) Sifter, then transferred to the (8) Mixing tank.

3. Mixing

Below the (8) Mixing tank are numerous (9) Scales, and after weighing, the materials are mixed by a (10) Mixer, then transferred to the (11) Product tank.

4. Product shipment

Below the (11) Products tank is a (12) Shipment scale, and after weighing, the product is shipped out in flexible containers or bulk feeder truck from the (13) Products shipment exit.

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