Milling overview

1. Receiving and storage

Paper bags are opened by the (1) Automatic bag-opening machine, or the raw material is received from the dump. Before the raw material is dumped into the (4) Raw materials tank, it is roughly sorted using the (3) Separator.

2. Milling and classification

The raw material drawn out of the (4) Raw materials tank is passed through various cleaning machines to remove foreign matter, before it is hydrated on the (8) Damping conveyor to adjust its quality.

3. Mixing

The mixed raw material is passed repeatedly through the (10) Roller mill and (11) Sifter to powder it.

4. Product shipment

The product discharged from the (14) Products tank is passed through the (16) inline attacker(Egg killing machine) and the (17) Sifter for re-sieving to ensure the safety and security of the product.

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