Notification of Regular Inspections and Maintenance Work

During factory operation, have you ever been inconvenienced by any of the following?
・A machine stopped working
・We couldn't ascertain the cause
・We had to halt shipments
・The products became contaminated, etc.

To make sure these problems never occur, we offer proposals for regular inspections and maintenance work.

Notification of Regular Inspections and Maintenance Work

We offer proposals for machine maintenance, as well as diagnoses and improvement suggestions for entire factories.
Daily maintenance and regular inspections of machines are needed to ensure around-the-clock operation for 365 days of the year.
Do not hesitate to contact our company if you have not carried out maintenance work on your machines recently, or you are not sure what work needs to be carried out.

Phone: 03-5295-3521
Person in charge: Araki and Tanaka
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