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Respond to 24 hours 365 days of operation

A total service for high reliability plants to support the unstoppable livestock feed industry.
In the livestock feed industry, once plants have been put into operation, it is not acceptable to stop them again. We propose buildings, equipment, facilities and systems for highly reliable livestock feed plants that can operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also respond to any customer issues after the installation of the plant with our ability to provide full support, for example, with maintenance and inspection systems to realize stable operation and support for error-free operation.

Specify customer's advanced needs accurately

We grasp the true nature of what the customers require with our plentiful expertise developed in plant.
Meiji Machine has been working on plant for many years and has built up a wide range of expertise. Our plentiful experience in design and development and in process control enables us to accurately convert the sophisticated requirements of the customers into reality. For example, we propose the most suitable devices and systems for each location in the flow of processes in a plant. Also, by collecting data on example problems that have occurred in the past, we are able to prevent all problems that can be imagined before they occur.

Construction of a plant that responded to the drastic changes of the times

Design concepts that can realize the requirements of the era whilst also being able to respond flexibly to future changes.
Meiji Machine aims to achieve plant construction that responds to the rapid changes of the times, including with support for the changing requirements of the industry and with plant renovation to suit the increasingly sophisticated devices and systems. We realize increased functionality and improved safety on existing plant with design concepts that have room for change to respond flexibly to the requirements of the customers and the industry.
Professional maintenance work after the new establishment of plant in order to be sure of the trust from the customers
We provide a substantial maintenance service to customers that have newly established plant. In addition to regular inspections and support when problems occur, we deliver peace of mind to the customer because we have made it compulsory to carry out a full inspection after the end of the guarantee period to conclude it.


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