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The ability to get things done and the mobility of our employees are built up through OJT and they make it possible to give speedy responses.
The motto of Meiji Machine is to provide services that are trusted by the customers. In any situation, we always try to respond in a speedy manner. Even if unexpected trouble were to occur, we always have a system prepared to make it possible for us to respond appropriately and quickly. Meiji Machine is able to draw out a solution to the customers’ problems by putting to use the mobility and the ability to get things done that we have built up through a bottom-up approach to management.

All Round

We secure the dynamism to always be able to look to the future by nurturing multi-skilled employees.
Meiji Machine is making an effort to nurture all-round personnel who can go beyond the boundaries of specific departments. We encourage active personnel exchange as we work to standardize each department to the same level. We can have the dynamism to constantly be looking to the future and propose new value to respond to your expectations because our individual employees acquire multiple skills in various different situations. These skills include skills such as sales, design, estimation and construction work, in both our grinding and industry business and in our livestock feed business.

Human + Tech

What we are aiming for is "Human + Tech" players who have both an excellent sense of humanity and also superior specialist knowledge.
In the various scenes of business, there are sometimes cases when expertise must be prioritized and there are sometimes cases when it is the interaction with the other person that is important. In order to communicate closely with the customers, each and every employee of Meiji Machine aims to become a "Human + Tech" player with technical skills backed up by plentiful expert knowledge and also human skills with a good personality.

Business bases in Japan

The business bases of Meiji Machine can speedily respond to customers throughout Japan.
Meiji Machine sells products throughout Japan. The five business bases including the headquarters (the Tokyo Headquarters, Ashikaga Factory, Hachinohe Sales Office, Western Japan Branch and Kagoshima Sales Office) work closely together to develop a speedy service in a nationwide network.

Meiji Machine Group

The Group synergy further strengthens the core competence of Meiji Machine.
The Group companies share the corporate philosophy stated by Meiji Machine "to offer products and services that achieve customer satisfaction and are trusted by the customer and also to be a company that contributes to society" and the Group companies inherit the core technologies (grinding and classification) to achieve even greater synergy.

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